MultiPlan, Inc. Agile Conference Rooms

In the fall of 2013, PPI worked extensively with MultiPlan, Inc.,  a healthcare cost management provider, to design and build a standard audiovisual solution for new “Agile Conference Rooms”. These rooms are designed to facilitate fast-paced business decisions needing multiple layers of collaboration. Each room features dual 70” displays, one of which is a SMART Interactive LCD, as well as a third, smaller confidence monitor. The rooms are outfitted for in-room presentations, integrated audio conferencing, high-definition multisite video conferencing, and data conferencing via SMART Bridgit software. A Crestron touch panel controls all in room AV functions. An additional feature of the Agile Conference Room is a grouping of eight desktop PCs with dual monitors. These PCs are able to connect to any display via Bridgit, allowing further in room and distance collaboration possibilities. The Multiplan Agile Conference Rooms can communicate with other Agile Conference Rooms, simpler video-enabled meeting spaces, and MultiPlan desktop & remote users.

To date, MultiPlan has successfully deployed four of these rooms, two in New York and two in Naperville. By designing a standard solution custom for the client, end users become more familiar with the systems as more rooms are deployed. This increases usage and return on investment while decreasing training expenses. PPI expects MultiPlan to continue its commitment towards high-tech collaboration systems with more rooms this year.