MTV (Viacom)

One of PPI’s many projects with longtime partner Viacom was the MTV Networks multi-floor lobby, completed in early 2012. This system is comprised of 49 different displays between 7” and 32” arranged in various locations around the two floors. The displays are integrated into the millwork of the lobbies to create an artful, bright, and sophisticated look. Video is divided into four zones for content management, and sent to a video mixer to make traditional TV content more abstract. Additionally, PPI worked with Traxon, an industry leader in lighting solutions, to design custom oversize LED lights in the shapes of the letters M, T, and V. This lighting, integrated with the staggered displays, creates a unique and stylish look for the entire space. PPI also installed a multi-zoned audio system with in-wall speakers, and the entire lobby system is controlled by a touch panel at the rack. PPI worked with a+i architecture for this project, which exemplifies design creativity as well as sleek and non-traditional in-field audiovisual work.

Case Study