Insurance Company

In the summer of 2014, PPI began a boardroom renovation project for an insurance company in their Greenwich, CT headquarters. The large boardroom features modular tables, and the firm wanted a flexible audiovisual system to support both audio teleconferencing and local presentations in multiple room configurations.  Two 90” displays on opposite walls, a 16-channel digital wireless microphone system, multiple laptop connections, and an iPad with a custom Crestron control interface achieved this goal. The firm now has the flexibility to use their boardroom in a number of different ways with the full confidence that the AV systems will support the meeting regardless of the configuration.

In the fall of 2014, the firm opened up an office at 375 Park Avenue in Manhattan. The overarching goal for AV systems was built on the success of the Greenwich boardroom: clean and simple solutions replicating familiar design principles. The NY boardroom features a 90” display and multiple laptop connections at the large boardroom table. The audioconferencing system features individually mutable in-table microphones for audio conferencing that include LED rings to indicate mute/unmute status. The room is controlled through an iPad-based Crestron control system. Two other small conference rooms feature large-format displays with laptop connectivity. At the completion of the project in the winter of 2015, the insurance company occupied a floor replete with clean, familiar, and easy-to-use audiovisual systems.