DOE Training Specials
FAMIS Purchasing

Instructions For FAMIS Purchasing


Presentation Products, Inc. (PPI) is proud to be registered as a contracted New York City Department of Education (DOE) vendor.

Vendor # 223348910

Contract # QR812AZ

We are privileged to be able to support the work of talented and committed educators in the New York City school system by offering you a wide variety of practical, cost-effective staff development and teacher training resources.

For off-contract purchasing:

  1. Sign into the FAMIS Portal.
  2. Select Purchasing.
  3. Select Sole Vendor.
  4. Input PPI’s vendor number: 223348910.
  5. Certify that you have the Sole Vendor letter.
  6. Input the codes (Quick Code, Object Code and Activity Code). After these codes are entered, select the Retrieve Balance icon, in order to view actual balance remaining. Select the Add Accounting Line icon.
  7. Once you’ve selected the Add Accounting Line icon, a new screen will appear, requiring you to enter item, description, and details.
  8. Review and submit. (Note: the Sole Vendor letter is kept on file at the school, in case the DOE requests the information).

  “Presentation Products has shown us that there is no need to fear the emergence of new technology. They have provided training that has allowed our programs to embrace the future of education.”  – MetSchools, Inc.